ray ban Sunday deals are up FebYou

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Sunday deals are up Feb

You can pick up FREE cough syrup at CVS, FREE Stayfree pads at Rite Aid and FREE Valentine candy and aspirin at Walgreens. But the best bargains of the week are on basics: milk and eggs.

Pick up milk for $2.88 per gallon at Kroger and a dozen eggs for 99 cents at Walgreens. And if either store happens to be out of stock, be ray ban sure to get rain checks. And remember, WalMart and Target will price match.

Read on for all the best deals this week at ray ban CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Kerr Drug and Kroger. These are the deals that stood out to me so please jump in and leave a comment if you spotted a bargain. That way, we can all save.

Zarbee Children cough syrup (4 oz.): $6

= as low as $2 each. Only a so so sale.

Buy 10, Get 5 more free promotion: The circular shows various ray ban drink products, including Powerade, Fuze, SmartWater and Full Throttle. Final price after five free: 67 cen ray ban ts each.

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