ray-ban Sweet treat for royal couple

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Sweet treat for royal couple

If Prince William and Kate are lucky, they’ll be leaving the town that bears their name with a bag of pineapple lumps.

The royal tour arrived in Cambridge on Saturday to be greeted by loud cheers from thousands of people who’d packed the town centre for hours waiting to see them.

‘Please welcome the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Cambridge,’ said a woman’s voice over the loudspeaker as local children waved homemade signs.

One Cambridge family got up at 3.15am to nab their spot and had brought along a packet of the Kiwiana sweets for the couple.

Monique Rush and Andy Medley had been royal supporters for some time thanks to their British heritage, and had brought their twins Liam and Thomas, 14, and James, 11, in the hope they would become fans too.

Mr Medley was excited the royals decided to come to Cambridge: ‘It puts us on the map’.

He said the town already felt a bit as if William and Kate were their duke and duchess, and it was lit up in blue after George’s birth.

Sheree James was first to save a spot, beginning her long wait at 3.30am after travelling from Gisborne the day before.

She brought her four month old son Kody along and planned to hold him over the barrier to try to get a photo of him with the duchess.

Rotorua sisters Annabel Hurford, eight, and Olivia, 10, painstakingly made a scrapbook of photos cut from ray-ba ray-ban n magazines which they hoped to give the royal couple, while Hawkes Bay nine year old Am ray-ban ber Browning created a card.

The royal couple are the first Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to visit t ray-ban he town that bears their name.

The Waikato town is named after the second Duke of Cambridge, George William Frederick Charles. He was Queen Victoria’s first cousin and the commander in chief of the British army.

During the New Zealand Wars of the 1860s, British forces drove the Maori population out and set up camp in the area, naming it ‘Camp Cambridge’ after their commander.

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