ray ban uk Syringe maniac zapped with Tas

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Syringe maniac zapped with Taser after threats

A source indicated that he was upset following the domestic disturbance and gardai were not prepared to ignore the serious threats he was making to his own life.

A spokesman for the gardai confirmed that an incident took place at the address and that a Taser weapon was deemed necessary. The use of conductive el ray ban uk ectrical devices, or Tasers, by the garda ERU was sanctioned by former Justice Minister Michael McDowell in 2007.

While no statistics are readily available o ray ban uk n their use, it is understood they are rarely utilised and only in extreme circumstances.

Tasers compliment a number of other ‘less lethal weapons’ including bean bags shots, OC or pepper spray and OC shots.

However, despite their adoption by gardai, the use of ray ban uk Tasers by police forces ray ban uk around the world has remained controversial given their alleged link to a number of deaths.

Amnesty International has associated their use with some 70 deaths in the US alone.

The weapons look like firearms but instead of bullets, they use compressed air to fire twin electrical cables that trail back to the handset and omit a five second shock of 50,000 volts.

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