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System recovery problem

I have a friend’s computer it’s an Advent Athlon XP3000+ (PC World own brand) 512MB RAM running XP Pro Media Centre Edition.

They were having some problems with the machine shutting itself down, so asked me if I would take a look, and also format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. I cleaned the inside with compressed air, ran it for a while, and found a possible fault on the Nvidia card, also the mainboard was running quite hot. it goes on and on.

On booting up, it gets to the splashscreen, a BSOD appears for a split second, which I cannot pause or capture, then reboots showing start up options no matter which choice you make, it cannot start W ray ban wayfarer indows because ‘WINDOWS\system32\config\system is missing.

This is ridiculous since when have system restore discs not extract vital files??

What can I do? My friend was relying on me. I’m no expert, but I’ve done this many times before with no problems on different computers.

There are 4 recovery disks. I noticed they had fingermarks on them, so I cleaned them, still to no avail. No scratches.

The problems start with Disk 1. but the weird thing is, I’ve tried to run this several times, and each time, it will fail to extract different files from the ones I listed, and successfully extract some of those on the list!

I connected an external CD drive and booted from that, and on firs ray ban wayfarer t run, disk 1 ran without stopping once; then when I inserted disk 2, it got about halfway and ray ban wayfarer repeated one of the error messages again, and that was that.

I’ve even copied one of the CDs, but that doesn’t work, either.

I’m at a total loss with this one!

Sorry, I didn’t explain it very well in my previous post, it’s 4am here and my brain is frazzled trying to sort this out!

Yes, it has it’s own drive I thought it may be faulty, so I connected up the external CD drive, whi ray ban wayfarer ch read the first disk correctly, first time it was inserted but as I said, when I put disk 2 in, errors started again.

How do I clean the optical drives?

My friend’s daughter tells me she performed a system recovery recently with the same discs, though she I believe she chose the repair option, which wouldn’t lose any data, of course.

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