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Taiwan Import Bargains

Let us welcome you to the exotic major export market of the Orient, Taiwan.

Welcome to the exotic major export market of the orient, TAIWAN. Most of them furnish fine illustrated catalogs, and offer sample merchandise at very nominal prices. Many will drop ship single items direct to your customers.

BOTTLED FLOWERS BAMBOO HANDICRAFTS We offer a wide range of fascinating designs. Our bamboo ware includes picture frames, containers and bathroom articles. reliable quality and prompt delivery guaranteed.

PRECISE ELEGANT PENWATCHES PENDANT WATCHES The latest designs and reliable quality will assure your profits. Dozens of styles. Rayking Co., Ltd.,25 Lane 62,Chinan Rd.,Sec.

VARIED WOODEN PRODUCTS Wooden houseware, wooden gifts, wooden decorations, wooden Xmas decorations, wooden photo frames. Lowest prices, many bargains.

HIGH QUALITY SEWING BASKETS We make and export beautiful hand made sewing baskets. All of them feature the latest designs and have pleased customers all over the world. Goldwin Products Corp., 2/fl. (105)

ACRYLIC PICTURE STANDS New designs at old prices. Very good selection. Best prices in the market.

EXCLUSIVE BRASSWARE WOODENWARE Our wooden ducks are all superbly crafted. A wide selection of brassware and woodenware is available for you to choose from.

CLOCK WITH REVOLVING COLOR LIGHT FRAME A new patented product. Clock face is framed by a ring of colorful lights that moves in ever changing patterns. Glowing lights twinkle like stars. Available with/without music and revolving mechanisms and many floral designs. Stand incorporates a transistor clock.

24 KARAT GOLD ELECTROPLATED SPECIMENS These beautiful natural leaves, shells, butterflies, etc., have all been fashioned into golden works of art. Nature makes no duplicates. Highest quality, priced low.

QUALITY POLYESTER FIGURINES Our products come in a wide range of styles and sizes. We always offer the latest designs. Finest workmanship and reasonable prices. Complete catalogue available upon request. Everything guaranteed.

AUTOMATIC KEY CHAIN REEL Features: Convenient to carry, durable, elegant style. Usage: Fits any kind of keys fo ray ban wayfarer r home, automobile, doors, locks desks. Makes a wonderful gift item. Advertising deals available.

BEAUTIFUL STITCHED PAINTINGS These beautiful hand made paintings feature animals that are stitched onto the painting to create a unique live effect.

ELEGANT ORNAMENTS DECORATIONS Our factory produces all kinds of rings, earrings, brooches and other products. They are available in plated gold, silver, etc. All products are controlled by a strict quality control ray ban wayfarer system.

BRASSWARE A wide range of brassware is available, including: planters, vases, candlesticks, bells, music boxes, pen holders, paper weights, bookends, ashtray, trivets, door knockers, racks hooks, bathroom items, peacock screens, fireplace sets, animal decorations, etc. You are welcome to write for catalog which lists over 1,000 items. Jame Most Enterprise Co.

PUZZLERS GALORE We are an experienced manufacturer and offer you the best quality at competitive prices. Largest selection, free picture details. RICESTAR POM POMS Our products serve as delightful decorations for larger gifts, and are also beautiful all by themselves. Six individual styles are offered in each assortment. Customers designs accepted. Largest pom pom maker in Taiwan.

HEALTH MASSAGE CUSHION You can enjoy a healthful massage in any place and at any time with our automatic massage cushion. These colorful cushions can also be used decoratively in the living room and bedroom.

HONEYCOMB TISSUE PAPER TOYS DECORATIONS Foldable paper toys and festival decorations. They made of honeycomb tissue paper, so they lightweight and compact when not in use. Many colorful designs to choose from.

NEW STAINED GLASS Jewelry box light sets, candle holders, mirrors, glass tile, mirror tile, etc. Made of stained glass or etched glass.

FEATHER JEWELRY SPECIALIST We introduce new eye catching designs every week. Please contact us for immediate information. sales agents wanted.

EMBROIDERIES A wide selection of products are offered, including embroidered iron on appliques, sti ray ban wayfarer ck on emblems, and badges, cards and many other embroidered gifts and items. God quality at lowest prices.

CASSETTE TAPE CABINETS Keeps cassette ray ban wayfarer tapes well organized and easy for selection. Portable cassette cabinet is easy for carrying. Ideal use for car, camping, picnic, etc. Several sizes and styles. Keeps cassette tapes dust free and safe. Pinehouse Co.

FASHION COSMETICS Our cosmetics and beauty care products are available in exclusively designed make up cases. Superior quality at competitive prices. Colorful illustrated catalog available. Charming but simple figurines of little boys and girls capture the hearts of all who love children. Good prices.

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