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Take a few simple steps to keep the city clean

Re: “Street is Not a Garbage Can” Feb 2, Daily News.

Thank you for bringing this issue up in your recent editorial. I as well am sick of seeing trash littered on our streets. It baffles me that some people can be such lazy slobs and not hold onto a cup or bag until they find a garbage can (apparently childhood manners elude some as time goes on). The ones wedged in the parking meters are the worst, especially when there is a garbage can literally five feet away. I myself make a point to pick up what I can when I am walking downtown and I have seen others do so as well.

Sadly, there is no simple solution. Well, actually there is if people would have enough respect to put ray ban wayfarer their garbage away. I personally believe that more garbage and recycling bi ray ban wayfarer ns around the city would help in this problem. While there are plenty of garbage cans down Victoria Street. The recycling leaves much to be desired. Those tiny cages on the sides of the garbage cans barely hold five plastic bottles and half have already fallen off. Separate bins are badly needed. Also, the garbage cans are mainly on Victoria Street and not along any other downtown streets whether Seymour to Nicola or along the avenues there are hardly any receptacles. I believe a better presence of bins would go a long way.

Another solution may be to possibly have a by law in which merchants are required to sweep their storefront up to the curb every day. While that does unfortunately put the onus of this problem on merchants, it may be something that needs to be looked into, especially if we want to present downtown t ray ban wayfarer o tourists.

One other issue I noticed is that there are barely any garbage cans at our bus stops. Drive around town in the summer and find a pile of garbage around many of the bus shelters. I’m really surprised that we haven’t installed more and it is something that really should be done. Given that our greenest Councillor rides the bus every day, he must notice that this is a problem (no offense to Councillor Cavers). If the city wants to think green, then we need to take the simplest steps to help keep the city clean, whet ray ban wayfarer her it more bins, or a clean streets bylaw. This is an issue that does require some attention.

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