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Take a stand against plastic bags

A few years ago I wrote a letter to Publix urging them to be more proactive in promoting the use of reusable bags. They did not respond to my letter.

Have you ever seen a bagger use one plastic bag for a pound of butter? I have. Many forward thinking communities (and countries such as Ireland ray ban wayfarer ) have taken a stand against plastic shopping bags. Stores such as Whole Foods have banned plastic bags. For every bag not used the world is better off.

If plastic bags cannot be outlawed in all stores, not just grocery stores, they should charge a dime or a quarter for every plastic bag a customer requests. This financial incentive would persuade many more shoppers to bring their own reusable bags. It would produce a remarkable change.

Why wait for Tallahassee to do something? Pinellas County or individual cities could start a “green” program like this more quickly than the state Legislature.

So much head scratching! Why is it that we fail to look to other countries that successfully have solved issues?

Yes, health care comes to mind, but I’m directing this specifically t ray ban wayfarer o the big question of how to solve the plastic bag problem.

Let’s take a look at Ireland. A few years ago Ireland imposed a fee of 14 to 15 cents on each plastic bag. Once it did that, presto! No more plastic bags scudding about in the skies, trees, on the streets.

People began carrying their own cloth bags, as did our grandparents. Back to the old ways.

Why not adopt the simplicity of this idea?

We need offshore oil for a better energy future

Last Saturday’s “Hands Across the Sand” events were an attempt to dissuade lawmakers from passing legislation that would open Florida’s waters to offshore oil and natural gas exploration. While the events received a lot of attention from the media, many news reports did not reflect the views of a majority of Floridians who do believe it is time to tap into the domestic fuel sources off our shores.

Contrary to the rhetoric of opponents, those of us who favor increased exploration for oil and natural gas are not looking for a quick fix at the gas pump. We know that is not going to lower the price we pay per gallon. What concerns us is our nation’s and our state’s energy future. Without a comprehensive energy plan in place that combines alternative energy, conservation and more domestic energy production, we will face decreased access to energy sources and increased energy costs.

Further, we are concerned about the implications of rising energy costs on our economy. Florida has suffered enough job loss in the last year. Do we really want to hit struggling industries and small businesses with higher operating costs, thereby forcing them to lay off employees? Just this week, tourism officials announced a drop in the number of visitors to the state. Policies that result in making it more expensive to bring visitors to Florida certainly will not help revitalize this anchor industry.

For those who say offshore drilling will hurt our tourism industry, I urge you to learn more about the cleaner, safer and less intrusive technologies that can find and extract oil and natural gas without hurting our pristine coastline.

Protecting our environment and tourism industry is important, but strengthening our economy and ray ban wayfarer energy future for generations to come is paramount.

Nicol Guti Jr., chairman, the FLA Energy Forum

The current conversation and demonstrations about oil drilling is good because it brings attention to conservation concerns about our environment. It is, however, also noteworthy to be aware of Pinellas County being an aquatic preserve. In 1972 while a member of the Florida Legislature, I proposed to have Pinellas County be declared an aquatic preserve. This proposal was adopted and placed in the laws of Florida and today is still part of the law.

The law places restrictions on dredging and filling activities as well as prohibiting drilling for oil within the preserve. Hence, bay area legislators need to be aware of any attempt to weaken the law so as to accommodate oil drilling activities. All it would take is one sentence or a partial reference for the current law to be weakened.

There are several aquatic preserves within the Tampa Bay waters and now there are a total of 41 aquatic preserves throughout the state. They need to be protected from any intrusive activity that is detrimental to the preserve status. No doubt there are numerous legislators who have an aquatic preserve within or contiguous to their legislative districts. The preservation of these aquatic preserves is a conservation necessity and support from our lawmakers will be appreciated.

In the late ’70s I was privileged to serve as president of the Saddleback Regional Chamber of Commerce in Orange County, Calif. To our south was one of the first nuclear power plants in the United States, San Onofre, a safe, efficient producer of energy.

Like most chambers throughout the country, we supported and lobbied for more such plants to be built in the United States. Unfortunately, leftists in the United States staged demonstrations and were successful, along with a friendly media, in convincing a timid Congress that nuclear power was perhaps a dangerous thing.

Across the pond, the French took a different course and built nuclear power plants. Today, the French have a safe, low cost source of electricity.

I understand that President Barack Obama now sees the wisdom of developing nuclear power to serve our energy needs. He’s coming rather late to the dance, and it’s going to cost us much more than it would have in the ’70s, but at least it’s a beginning.

All the little old ladies in my social circle here in Zephyrhills have received our first Progress Energy electric bill of 2010. Mine was $275, more than twice any previous amount. That’s almost one third of my Social Security check. One friend’s bill is more than $300 for a single wide mobile home.

We seem to have no recourse. Progress Energy is a private, for profit monopoly. They are the only game in town. We either pay them or do without electricity no heat, no lights, no refrigeration.

The Florida Public Service Commission in Tallahassee is supposed to regulate prices, protecting the consumer. And they did just deny a rate increase that Progress had requested. But something is wrong somewhere. Where did this increase come from? Is this the result of the previous rate increase granted to build that nuclear plant which won’t be producing electricity until long after I’m dead? I thought companies were supposed to reinvest their profits for such improvements.

And what is the Florida Legislature doing on my behalf? What happened to all their promises? They protect the big businesses that donate big bucks to their campaigns so they can promise us voters the moon while increasing company profits every year. I’m fed up with them all.

The odd man and woman out Feb. 15, commentary

Julianna Baggott’s article captures the simplicity of what is ray ban wayfarer wrong with discrimination, any discrimination. She has clearly and concisely portrayed core aspects of what, why and how discrimination against gays and lesbians erodes decency and honesty.

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