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Kurt Warner was electric in the St. Louis Rams’ 23 16 Super Bowl win at Atlanta’s Georgia Dome last night, passing for 414 yards, includ ray bans ing the 73 yard winning touchdown.

Things weren’t so exciting at the Hy Vee Food Store in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where Warner worked after he was cut by the Green Bay Packers.

50 an hour five years ago. “It was very hectic earlier in the day. People were coming in for pop and chips, snack food kind of stuff. Nobody was listening on a radio, either.

But everybody was rooting for Warner.

“He’s just a really nice guy, very humble,” said Janssen. “There aren’t many people here anymore who worked with Kurt. But people are excited. It’s not very often you work at a place where someone famous once worked. So Warner got a job at the 24 hour supermarket in downtown Cedar Falls, the 34,000 population northeastern Iowa town where he went to college.

It didn’t take Warner long to catch on with the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League. That gig led to a job with NFL Europe’s Amsterdam Admirals, and then to the St. Louis Rams and the Super Bowl.

But Dave Jensen, Warner’s old night shift boss who’s now in charge of store inventory, still remembers the quarterback as a terribly nice guy who kept in shape by throwing rolls of paper towels.

“He’s doing really good,” Jensen said while watching the game with his roommates at his Cedar Falls apartment, a few blocks away from the store. “He’s lighting them up.

“I became a Rams fan when they got Kurt,” Jensen added. “He was always a real nice guy. He was a really good worker. I was shocked that he was the MVP in his first year, but I knew he’d make it to the NFL. He was very focused. None of his other shelf stockers can throw a roll of paper towels with a spiral, he said.

But with one of their own a star on Super Sunday, isn’t it tempting to try?

“They better not be,” Janssen said.

Mighty Quinn: May 12 All of Rosedale was sadden by the death of Kim (Mack The Knife) McDaniels. Poor JR emailed: “MQ, my friend Harry went to Mack’s memorial service Saturday. Here’s what he had to say about it. PJR.”

Conflicts of interest brewing at charter schools In July, the board of trustees at the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls met after school shut down for the summer without informing parents a ray bans nd voted to hire a new business manager. The new manager was a member of the board, records show.

Yankees Insider: Tex can’t leg it out MILWAUKEE Mark Teixeira’s wrist hasn’t given him any trouble, evidenced by his six home runs in the past 12 games. His legs? That’s another story.

Nets: No fear of King It’s the old philosophy against LeBron James: Let him beat you from the outside. Since getting carved up in the paint in Game 1 by LeBron and Co., the Nets have limited Miami’s shots in the paint to 18 in Game 2 and 13 in Game 3. They’ve made a concerted effort to keep James away from the basket, and it’s hard to argue with the results in their Game 3 romp.

Lawrence: Pierce’s message scores with Brooklyn Paul Pierce doesn’t do math like the rest of us. He’s got the Nets playing in a Game 7 Monday night against the Heat, when everyone knows it’s really only Game 4 of the second round playoff series.

Mets Insider: Familia could get closer job ray bans The Mets ma ray bans y have found a closer, and he’s not an aging pitcher like Jose Valverde and Kyle Farnsworth. Following Sunday’s 5 4 win over the Phillies, Terry Collins said 24 year old Jeurys Familia was “close” to getting a shot in the ninth inning.

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