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Supermarket Rap Over Plastic Bags

The Grocer 33 survey is a quarterly test of the online shopping services.

WaitroseDeliver received a pat on the back as this quarter’s Star Order, using just eight plastic bags brought to the mystery shopper’s door by a “helpful and polite” delivery man.

“There’s a lot of good intentions from the supermarkets to reduce plastic bag consumption for the environment,” said Richard Clarke, news editor at The Grocer.

“But this shows there are still some areas which they have to look at and home delivery appears at the moment to be a very tough nut that they’re failing to crack.”

But a spokesman for Tesco slammed the survey as “insignificant” since its results are based on a single ray bans shopping trip.

He said: “We are very alive to the issue, but I don’t accept these ray bans findings. Eleven bags is per ray bans haps too much, but it is certainly not representative.”

Asda admitted that using more bags than its rivals in the shop “isn’t great”, but added it was not an indication of its green credentials.

An Asda spokesman said: “We’re working our socks off to cut waste in every part of our ray bans business and hopefully next time we’re tested we’ll be more frugal.

“Any of our home shopping drivers are happy to take our plastic bags away with them and return them to our stores for recycling.”

Ocado highlighted the same bag return service, adding: “We are always looking to reduce the number of bags that we use, for example segregating cleaning or non food products from food.”

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