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Supermarket Strategies

On your way home from work you stop off at the grocery store to pick up some veggies and a side for tonight’s dinner, plus some Greek yogurt and fruit to take to the office tomorrow. You grab a basket and head down an aisle. Ten minutes later you’re standing in front of the cashier and you’re about to pay for a big box of fudge cookies (hey they were on sale!) and a tub of full fat macaroni salad (that sample was delicious). Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there. Perhaps you were preoccupied thinking about all the chores that are waiting for you at home. Maybe you’ve been programmed not to pass up a great deal. Or you’re stressed, hungry or sleepy. Here, and in your meeting this week, you’ll discover simple strategies like this month’s Routine: get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep each night that can help you avoid temptations and distractions and get in and out of the supermarket with the right stuff in your bags.

You can’t zone out in front of the TV eating fudge cookies if the box of fudge cookies is still sitting on the store shelf. Eating on Plan when you’re at home really starts in the supermarket, so spend a little time preparing fo ray bans r your trip. Are there foods you need to buy so you can meet your Good Health Guidelines this week? Do you have ingredients that can boost the flavor of your meals without adding PointsPlus values? Or perhaps you want to try a new grain to help you bust out of a food rut and amp up your motivation.

Making a list and shopping the store’s perimeter for Plan friendly picks are two easy moves that can help you master the Space that is your grocery store. For example, if you’re picking up items for a specific meal, you can use your Weight Watchers Mobile app to select a recipe, and with one tap of a button, add all the ingredients to a shopping list on your smartphone. Buying groceries for the week? Make your list market friendly by organizing it by ais ray bans le. Shop at ray bans specialty markets? Then organize by market.

Grab a snack before you go

You’ve heard this a zillion times before, and it’s still true: Shop hungry and you’re more likely to succumb to temptations. Whether you ray bans shop after breakfast, lunch or dinner, make sure the meal is satisfying and on Plan. If you don’t have time for a proper meal, munch on something quick, simple and satisfying like a handful of almonds, an apple, baby carrots, air popped popcorn, whole wheat crackers and string cheese or a hard boiled egg.

Shopping when you’re tired can also affect your ability to make healthy choices. Studies have even shown that too little sleep can trigger cravings for high fat, high calorie foods and make you less likely to resist aisle after aisle of temptations. So listen to your body when you’re exhausted. Skip the trip for now, and head to bed.

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