rayban Suspect hits the road as media

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Suspect hits the road as media arrive

Witnesses said the former babysitter of missing toddler Daniel Thomas began packing her Toyota Tarago about 10am with the help of at least two other adults.

They have no doubt rayban Ms Martyn, who has been labelled a suspect in the disappearance rayban of Daniel, was preparing to flee Myrtleford.

“They were stacking the van hurriedly to obviously disappear, there is no doubt that she was planning to make a run for it,” a witness said.

“They also loaded up the kids, a boy about seven or eight, rayban a young girl and a baby.”

It was less than an hour after news broke that human bones had been discovered in the backyard of a Myrtleford home.

With a van full of children and bags packed to the ceiling, Ms Martyn was stopped by police near Barwidgee Creek, on the outskirts of Myrtleford, just after midday.

After a heated chat with officers she threw what appeared to be a Victorian driver’s licence on the road and floored the accelerator tearing off towards Yackandandah in a cloud of dust.

Twice Ms Martyn used back roads in an attempt to elude the media posse, other times breaking suddenly to answer calls on a mobile.

A television helicopter hovered overhead throughout the chase.

A friend in a maroon Commodore joined Ms Martyn’s high speed safari and the pair travelled to Yackandandah in convoy before asking directions to Beechworth.

Both vehicles reached speeds of more than 120kmh o rayban n the way to Wangaratta, several times overtaking cars over double yellow lines and on blind corners.

Just after 1.30pm the convoy pulled into a park known as Sydney Beach on the Ovens River, behind the Sydney Hotel in Wangaratta.

Social workers from Ovens and King Health appeared on the scene taking the children and the van in one direction and escorting Ms Martyn into the service’s office.

Ms Martyn’s friend then threatened to break The Border Mail photographer’s camera and shove it up his backside.

Earlier witnesses to the attack on a Prime News cameraman in front of her Standish Street home said it was a vicious and potentially lethal swing.

“Had it connected he would have been in real trouble,” a witness said.

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