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Suspect in custody for dismemberment of NYC woman

By NBC News staff

A suspe rayban ct is in custody for the dismemberment of a New York City woman whose body parts were found early Tuesday morning scattered throughout suitcases and plastic bags in a Bronx neighborho rayban od.

The man sent his son, who was along for the walk, to call police while the man kept walking the dog. Two blocks later, he found a suitcase and the dog sat next to it, and when the man opened it he found a woman torso, wearing a bra, law enforce rayban ment officials said.

Police later found a plastic b rayban ag with a leg and a foot inside, and nearby another suitcase with a leg and the woman head.

Law enforcement officials tell NBC 4 New York they found an empty box in her apartment that they believe contained a power saw. The apartment also smelled of bleach and was littered with latex gloves.

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