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Suspect in HIV sex case

Community activists sat down with police Monday night to discuss an issue that’s creating deep divisions among many gay people in rayban the city.

The meeting with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans liaison committee followed the May 7 decision by Ottawa police to disclose the identity of an HIV positive man they say had unprotected sex with men without telling them of his health status.

By releasing his identity, police have “tarred, feathered and tried” Steven Boone, said Jay Koornstra, the executive director of Bruce House, a local residential care service for HIV patients.

He said the approach could ruin a man’s life who has yet to be judged before the courts, and could also create among men a reluctance to get rayban tested for fear they might later be prosecuted if they, too, are HIV positive.

“We need to make sure we create a climate where people will take care of themselves and take care of the people around them. It’s not up to only the person who is HIV positive. We all have to protect ourselves,” he said.

The release has many calling for c rayban loser consultations with the gay community if future cases arise.

Insp. Joan McKenna apologized to the about 30 people in attendanc rayban e at the police headquarters meeting for having characterized in e mail correspondence with the gay community Boone’s alleged actions as sexual predation.

Staff Sgt. John McGetrick said a responsibility to protect the public and case law established in 1998 forced police to release Boone’s name and photo. He’s charged with nine counts of aggravated sexual assault and is also wanted by Waterloo police.

One man who attended the meeting said he slept with Boone six years ago and is glad police released his identity. He has since tested negative. However, he said his partner and another friend also had unprotected sex with Boone and are both HIV positive now.

“If (police) hadn’t done it I wouldn’t have known. I wouldn’t have brought eight people to go get tested. Now they’ll be able to go see a doctor and get help,” he said.

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