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suspect lying about a cat

Ok I don’t remember who it was but I clearly recall a story on here about someone who went over for a repair and trapped the “stray ” cat and had the tenant claim it at the animal control office. That might be worth looking for. I would not say I agree but it was an interest raybans ing discussion.

If you have a no pets policy I suggest talking to them about the cat. I would take a written approach as well. My sister has no cats but she feeds the entire neighborhoods cats and knows them by name. They don’t live in her house though. But it is a fine line to say they are not hers.

You think the tenant has a kitty cat (yea I know the urine staining the floor issue) and they denied it. I didn’t know what to expect this post to read because they went from ‘tenant’ to ”suspect”, lol.

Go over there when the tenant isn’t home and check the basement and kitchen for kitty litter. If you find litter record it on video. The I’m holding litter for my neighbor story won’t fly. Do an amended lease with a hefty monthly charge for the pet (if your state allows it). Ei raybans ther they’ll pay the additional fee, get rid of the cat or move out.

We have a no pet policy. Every once in awhile a tenant sneaks in a pet.

My best method for “cat discovery” is to visit the property often and look for cats on window sills, with my camera readily available. I also look for evidence of cat digging in the flower beds and feces there (although those could be from stray cats) and c raybans at paw prints on the hoods of vehicles. Garbage bins sometime contain evidence of cat fo raybans od packaging or kitty litter disposal.

I have a very discerning nose and can sniff out a cat fairly easily when I am in a unit doing work. Look for kitty litter trays and bags/cans of cat food and cat toys. Look for cat scratching posts and scratch marks on wood door frames and snagged fabric on couches/chairs where a cat may have scratched. Especially, find a reason to check under the refrigerator (check the drip pan or electrical) and under the range (for leveling or electrical) as these are places where cat hair tends to collect and is often overlooked in cleaning.

Outdoor cats will roam at night, so check in the evening and early morning hours when cats are looking for birds and other prey. Can you do bird calls? The cat may come running to you if you are any good at it!

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