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Suspect was hooked on fake gang

It didn take long for RCMP officers playing the roles of big time gangsters to hook their suspect with big payments of cash for easy work, a jury heard Thursday.

D raybans efence lawyer John Gustafson asked one of the undercover officers the operative who worked most frequently with Ronald Menard, the investigation target if he knew the man had become financially dependent on them.

the Mountie agreed, adding that was a good sign for the investigation, as it made it easier for the team to engage Menard in lengthy, complex scenarios designed to make him believe they were high level criminals.

was not distracted by things like a real job, Gustafson said.

The officer agreed.

Menard is charged with killin raybans g Diane Ellison, who was found strangled to death in her apartment in August 2005. Menard was interviewed by police in the days after the killing but denied any part of it, saying only he had bought drugs from her earlier the day she died.

Investigators were suspicious, however, and assembled an undercover team to target the man. Between April and August 2006, RCMP paid Menard thousands of dollars to perform various tasks as they him for membership.

The man was paid as much as $1,000 a day to transport duffel bags from city to city, leaving them in hotel rooms and bus lockers.

He watched deals unfold between undercover operators pretending to buy and sell guns, explosives and diamonds, often for hundreds of raybans thousands of dollars.

Many of the scenarios were designed to impress Menard and make him believe he was working with affluent, highly successful criminal businessmen.

Other scenarios, however, were staged to show Menard the members didn frown on violence, including against women and children.

All the scenarios were designed to gain Menard trust, leading up to a final interview with the gang big boss. At that meeting, Menard confessed t raybans o killing Ellison as they smoked crack in her apartment.

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