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Sustainable goal

While Kingston has been making strides in embracing sustainability council did, after all, declare its intention of becoming Canada most sustainable city years ago it still has a ways to go, an expert says.

Expect those changes to come about slowly and subtly, said Dan Corbett, president of the board of the recently formed Sustainable Kingston, and have a cumulative effect.

you see 50,000 people doing something incrementally, then something big is taking place, he said.

As one example, Corbett points out that residents water usage had, according to Utilities Kingston statistics, dropped 4% per person since 2007.

The changes have been incremental, he explained, such as the City of Kingston adoption of a one bag limit for garbage per household each week.

The raybans city hopes to eventually redirect 65% of waste from the current 55%.

the council has moved to the one bag limit, which is a bit of a controversy with some, but I think it all about the change process, Corbett said.

gets people, then, to start thinking more because that, to me, is what it all about. It not about the huge changes that take place, but it the changes we can put into our everyday living, so people start to think more about this and become a little more aware of how we going to divert their waste. are trying to do their part in different ways, he believes.

seeing more and more people moving to active tra raybans nsportation, he explained.

people are bicycling, more people are walking, which to me is not only a good sign of a safe, environm raybans entally friendly neighbourhood, but people are doing more physical activity, which, I sure, the public health unit appreciates a lot. now, the group has been working with experts on establishing baseline measurements by which to measure the city progress.

The hardest part, Corbett said, will be figuring out if Kingston is indeed the country most sustainable city.

think we only know that by continuous improvement, by progress being made, he said.

not sure if, at any point in time, we going to be able to point to every definitive piece and say we are the most sustainable, but we are a much improved city. said that he has seen the local food movement grow.

seeing more and more younger farmers coming in, he said. think they being much more progressive in what food they producing, and how they marketing it, and who they marketing it to. That to me tells me, there change taking place here.’ urges that people slip on their sustainability spectacles when looking at something like whether or not to pave a driveway.

There is still work to be done, he said, and changes can have a ripple effect.

one area, I think, that we need to make improvements on is in the social equity issue, Corbett said.

raybans why I was a very strong supporter, as is the board working on Vital Signs, because the issues of health and wellness, and food and nutrition, and poverty and homelessness are an integral part of what makes this a sustainable community.

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