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SUV still reigns supreme

There are lots of different options, most of them do a decent job at what they’re supposed to but only a few really shine above the rest.

In that case the raybans raybans strong> Ford Kuga is the James McClean of the medium sized jeep style car and I don’t mean that it comes from Northern Ireland and talks in a funny voice.

They’re stylish, high performing, all rounders that are all things to all housewives well the ones who don’t feel they need raybans a Vogue or a Q7 to do the schoolrun.

Recently I’ve had both the Evogue at the top end of the scale and the Yeti at the more reasonable price end.

Somewhere in the middle comes the Ford Kuga.

The Kuga is neither too grand nor cheap but it is a very decent and very enjoyable car with a sizzling engine and all the necessities needed for luxury motoring.

I drove the Titanium, the best of the lot, which came with a delicious 2.0 TDCi engine.

Now, like most of the new variety of SUV styled cars this is not 4×4 but it retains that high end off road chic.

It is armed with some very yummy extras including parking sensors, something which every car should come with these days.

It is of course six speed and along with the 2.0 litre engine it made for a terrific over all drive, superb take off and fabulous performance.

And Ford now offer an innovative hands free tailgate for the all new Kuga, giving customers a first in class, kick activated means of accessing the boot.

The hands free system enables bag ladened drivers to gently kick a foot beneath the rear bumper to open and close the tailgate without setting down packages or gear. The new Kuga was unveiled recently at the Geneva Motor Show.

The development team spent six months working with Ford’s H raybans uman Machine Interface laboratory, using volunteers to test prototype systems fitted to a previous generation Kuga.

Rigorous real life testing perfected the required kick and ensured there was no interference with other systems.

The hands free tailgate builds on Ford’s Intelligent Access push button start. It allows customers, who have their key on their person, to unlock and start their vehicles without having to take them out of their pocket or purse.

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