raybans Suzlon bags contract in Canada

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Suzlon bags contract in Canada

Suzlon Group subsidiary REpower Systems SE has concluded a contract with wpd Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of project developer wpd AG, for the delivery of 51 wind turbines.

The REpower MM92 turbines, each with a rated power of 2.05 MW, are intended for a total of six projects, Whittington, Springwood, White Pines, Napier, Sumac Ridge and F raybans airview, to be constructed and commissioned in 2014.

To serve its growing business presence in Canada and to meet the 50 per cent domestic content requirement of the Green Energy Act, REpower also announced sett raybans ing up a new rotor blade manufacturing facility in Southern Ontario.

Andreas Nauen, CEO of REpower Systems SE, said: our announcement of rotor blade production in Ontario, we are expanding our presence in Canada a wind market with great potential even further. We have been active there since 2007 raybans and an experienced team of ou raybans rs will bring the first projects of more than 100 MW to the construction phase next year.

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